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Posted by Kimberly Walker on Sep 02 2015 at 05:00PM PDT

The Cheat Lake Youth Basketball League is a community organization, run entirley by volunteers.  The league has been in existance for over 20 years.  Our facilites are located within Cheat Lake Elementary School and we are grateful for our partnership with the school.  We also appreciate the generous support of our sponsors who make this league possible.  All funds from our sponsors and registration fees go toward basketball for kids.    


Over the years, thousands of kids in the Cheat Lake Youth Basketball League have learned the game and had fun playing basketball with friends, classmates and neighbors.  Many players have gone on to play middle school basketball and high school basketball.


The Cheat Lake Youth Basketball Leage welcomes all boys and girls in grades 1 through 8 to join.  We look forward to many return players and new players on the courts playing basketball, learning the fundamentals of the game and having fun. Anyone can join.  You do NOT need to attend Cheat Lake Elementary in order to join the Cheat Lake Youth Basketball League.  We have players from Trinity, St. Francis, Morgantown Learing Academy and other area schools in our youth basketball league. It does not matter where you are from or where you go to school.  All players are welcome.  


The Cheat Lake Basketball League is a recreational league.  Our focus is on having players learn the fundamentals of the game, understand sportsmanship, and have fun. If players have fun playing the game at a young age, they will continue to play and improve as they mature and develop athletically.  


However, a focus on fun does not mean that we don't care about competition. Competition is an important part of sports and a part of player development.  So, at the 3rd - 8th grade levels, players in the Cheat Lake Basketball leage have opportunities to participate in games against teams from other elementary schools in the Morgantown area.  This creates competitive basketball and we believe that it also helps bring kids together from differnet parts of the Morgantown community. What's more, our players in these grade levels play in tournaments within the league and away against teams from other elementary schools.  The level of play is very good.


Finally, the Cheat Lake Youth Basketball League permits players from other leagues to also play in our league.  The more basketball, the better.  If your player participates in the Westside Basketball League, Nate Smith Basketball School or any other program in the area of Morgantown, he or she can also play in the Cheat Lake Youth Basketball Leage.  Over the years, many of our players have been associated with other basketball programs AND the Cheat Lake Youth Basketball League and they have been very successful in both.


We look forward to the basketball season and to your participation in the Cheat Lake Youth Basketball League.  If you would like to learn more, or if you have questions, please contact our President or any member of the Executive Board.  


See you on the courts! 



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